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Gift Shopping For A Minimalist: Your How-To Guide


If you’re looking for an original gift for a minimalist, you can try looking at an online shop, but the truth is most minimalist can’t be bought in a standard store like other material gifts. When gift shopping for a minimalist, it is best to stick with consumable and experimental gifts, as these are most appreciated by minimalists who do not care for materialistic gifts. Examples of consumable gifts include food, candles, gift cards and subscriptions. Examples of experiential gifts would be activities, outings, tickets and such. Giving minimalist gifts are very special for many reasons. They are usually much more unique than any materialistic gifts. Minimalistic gifts don’t take up space or end up cluttering your area, they are more meaningful, and they dont have to cost a lot of money! These are just a few reasons why minimalist gifts are the way to go when buying a gift for someone you know is a minimalist.

1. Gifted Experiences

A gifted experience is probably one of the best gifts for a minimalist or even someone who isn’t one. The gifted experience could be something for you two to do together, something for the person to do by themselves, or something they can choose someone to take with to. It could be lunch at their favourite restaurant, ziplining, a weekend away, or a day at the aquarium. The options are endless! All you need to do is think about their favourite things to do or something new they would enjoy, and then find a way to give them that experience! Gifted experiences are about the moments and the memories, not the materialism.

2. A Scrapbook

While a scrapbook isn’t consumable or an experience, it’s still a pretty great and simple way of showing a minimalist that you love and care about them. You can make them a scrapbook of their life, your friendship or relationship with them, and their family, or you can even start it and leave pages for them to finish. This kind of gift doesn’t have to cost much money but is more about its meaning and showing the person how much you care about them.

3. Voucher

Similar to a gifted experience, you can always give a minimalist a voucher or gift card for something. For example, you could give them a voucher for their favourite restaurant, home decor store, bookshop, or clothing brand. Or, you could get them tickets to a concert or fly somewhere. This type of gift is a good option because it shows that you put in thought and effort and that you care about the person, but you’re still allowing them to choose what they want.

4. Hamper

If you’re unsure what to get a minimalist as a gift, you can never go wrong with a hamper filled with their favourite goodies. Sweets, chocolates, coffee, tea, wine, champagne, nuts, crackers – everything you can think of! Simply buy a basket and fill it with all their favourite snacks and treats; you’ve got the perfect gift to give them.

5. Homemade

One final option is to make something for the person. For example, you could make a homemade jam, chutney, or hot sauce, bottle it in a mason jar with a cute label, and you’re good to go! Or, you could make a few batches of brownies or cookies. Or you could even buy them a cake! People love homemade gifts, and what better way to celebrate than with some delicious treats?